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Catch up with … Carl T. Wahl

MS'10 Agroecology

Ag Science for Kids

Learn about soybeans with "Coolbean"

Creating a Healthier World

What do millennials want? The popularity of a new CALS-based program addressing global health concerns offers at least one answer.

Field Notes: Central America

Seeds of Hope - Literally

Looking for “Hotspots”

Researchers see promise in clusters of farmers who are willing to grow crops for biofuels

Class Act: The Big Picture on Food

Patricia Paskov

Field Notes: Potato Exchange Benefits Peruvians

Peru, farmers hedge their bets. Located 12,000 feet above sea level, on the side of an Andean mountain, Puno has a growing season that’s short, cool and prone to frost.

Field Notes: Certified Seed Potatoes for Kenya

When scientists in Kenya needed help developing a certification program for seed potatoes, a CALS plant pathologist stepped up to the task. The new program is run by Kenya’s Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC), a government-controlled agency charged with improving agricultural programs throughout the nation. “They were looking for somebody to help improve their certification program. […]

Five things everyone should know about … Industrial Hemp

1. It’s a booming industry.  The American hemp industry generates sales of $450 million a year, according to the Hemp Industries Association—about a quarter from food and body care products and the rest from a wide array of goods, including clothing, auto and airplane parts, building materials and more. But since the cultivation of hemp […]

Seeding an Organic Future

CALS students and faculty are in the forefront of efforts to develop plant varieties for a burgeoning market

A Fresh Approach to Fighting Hunger

CALS experts offer help to a former prison farm that feeds the needy

Coping with the Climate

For Wisconsin farmers dealing with wild swings in weather, adaptation is the key.