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Field Notes: Central America

Seeds of Hope - Literally

Catch up with … Carl T. Wahl

MS'10 Agroecology

Ag Science for Kids

Learn about soybeans with "Coolbean"

Creating a Healthier World

What do millennials want? The popularity of a new CALS-based program addressing global health concerns offers at least one answer.

Looking for “Hotspots”

Researchers see promise in clusters of farmers who are willing to grow crops for biofuels

Class Act: The Big Picture on Food

Patricia Paskov

Field Notes: Potato Exchange Benefits Peruvians

Peru, farmers hedge their bets. Located 12,000 feet above sea level, on the side of an Andean mountain, Puno has a growing season that’s short, cool and prone to frost.

Field Notes: Certified Seed Potatoes for Kenya

When scientists in Kenya needed help developing a certification program for seed potatoes, a CALS plant pathologist stepped up to the task. The new program is run by Kenya’s Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC), a government-controlled agency charged with improving agricultural programs throughout the nation. “They were looking for somebody to help improve their certification program. […]

Five things everyone should know about … Industrial Hemp

1. It’s a booming industry.  The American hemp industry generates sales of $450 million a year, according to the Hemp Industries Association—about a quarter from food and body care products and the rest from a wide array of goods, including clothing, auto and airplane parts, building materials and more. But since the cultivation of hemp […]

Seeding an Organic Future

CALS students and faculty are in the forefront of efforts to develop plant varieties for a burgeoning market

A Fresh Approach to Fighting Hunger

CALS experts offer help to a former prison farm that feeds the needy

Coping with the Climate

For Wisconsin farmers dealing with wild swings in weather, adaptation is the key.