Energy -

Of Cows and Climate

CALS researchers are leading a far-reaching effort to gather information about greenhouse gases related to dairy—and to give farmers and other industry professionals the tools they need to reduce them.

Class Act: Energizing the Classroom

Hong-En Chen

Wisconsin’s “Brown Gold” Rush

Transforming manure to energy in America’s Dairyland

Biofuel for Teens

A CALS-trained teacher brings bioenergy into high school classrooms

“Red Barns” Go Green

Sustainable farms need sustainable buildings—and a CALS professor provides an option

The Inner Lives of Cows

Bacteria found in cow rumens could be harnessed to process biofuel

Sustainable by Design

How do we get biomass from the land while preserving—or even benefiting—its living communities? Whichever course we take, researchers at the CALS-led Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center are determined to put all pros and cons on the table.

Where Are We Now?

In less than five years of operation, the CALS-led Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center has produced a number of breakthroughs that may lead to a less oil-dependent future

Beyond the Gas Tank

Biomass is not just destined for liquid fuel. It’s changing the way a diverse range of goods and services are being produced and provided in Wisconsin.

Cash Crop Biomass

Wisconsin farmers are well positioned to take advantage of a new market—but getting there will take some fresh vision and a little retooling

From Field to Fuel

Where are we in terms of moving toward the “green gas” of the future? Here we present an illustrated overview of research progress.

O Bioneers

A new course in bioenergy gets freshmen involved in real-life research challenges