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Five things everyone should know about gluten

Upping the Orange

Nutritionist Sherry Tanumihardjo works around the world to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin A.

The Mysteries of RNA

For decades DNA has stood in the spotlight of biological research. But scientists at CALS and across campus have also long been intrigued by its chemical cousin, RNA—and are working to shed light on a surprisingly versatile molecule that holds great promise for human health.

Creating a Healthier World

What do millennials want? The popularity of a new CALS-based program addressing global health concerns offers at least one answer.

Stopping Multiple Sclerosis

A successful treatment in mice holds promise for humans

Microbes & Human Health

Microbes inhabit our bodies by the trillions, yet how they benefit us mostly remains a mystery. As scientists work with animals to illuminate that complex dynamic, they are excited about the potential microbes may hold for human health.

Meat, With a Touch of Fruit

Protecting organic meats from deadly bacteria calls for developing new antimicrobial agents from natural sources

Targeting a Killer

CALS researchers are making important advances in detecting and treating septic shock, which is responsible for more than 200,000 deaths a year.

Tasty Solution

A CALS–medical school partnership leads to better, safer beverages for people who have trouble swallowing.

Gut Feeling

Reaching in for the first time: Students at a Chicago high school got a whole new perspective on cows.

Making It Personal

A CALS capstone class in genetics encourages students to explore their own genomes.

Wisconsin’s “Brown Gold” Rush

Transforming manure to energy in America’s Dairyland