On Henry Mall

  • New Life for a Grand Old Tree

    The Goff Family invites you to sit on a branch of their family tree at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse. The Goffs were on campus this summer to present the Department of Horticulture with a spectacular bench crafted from a fallen …

Field Notes

  • Kazakhstan: Dam monitoring protects water supply

    Unpredictable flooding and droughts, which scientists predict will intensify with climate change, elevate the importance of dams for managing and storing water, even in places that normally receive adequate rainfall. Maintaining the world’s existing dams helps ensure that farmers will …

  • Costa Rica: New trail in paradise

    This past January a group of CALS students found themselves bushwhacking through a dense mountain forest in Costa Rica, crossing paths with monkeys, colorful birds, snakes and strange-looking frogs along the way. But no worries: They weren’t lost. As part …

Working Life

Know How