In Vivo

  • Recruiting and Retaining the Best

    Few people inspire students as much as our professors. When I ask students about their most important experiences at CALS, almost invariably they talk about professors who have changed their lives—how, as researchers, teachers and mentors, professors opened their eyes ... Read More

On Henry Mall

  • Move Over, Beer

    UW–Madison’s first enologist, based at CALS, will aid Wisconsin’s wine and cider industry

  • New Face in the Garden

    Ben Futa has one of the most beautiful workplaces on campus. And, as the new director of the CALS-based Allen Centennial Gardens, he loves the opportunity to connect visitors with its many splendors. “What I like most is connecting people ... Read More

  • Going for the Gut

    A CALS-based start-up offers an antibiotic alternative to animal producers

Field Notes

  • Mexico: Mapping the roots of poverty and inequality

    What makes development projects work? Jennifer Alix-Garcia, a professor of agricultural and applied economics, is diving deep into Mexico’s history to shed light on that question. Specifically, she seeks to illuminate what political, climatic and epidemiological events in 16th-century Mexico ... Read More

Living Science

  • Even Cows are “Texting”

    Modern communication systems allow dairy farmers to more efficiently monitor the health, milk yield, movement and other metrics of both herds and individual cows by cell phone, says Doug Reinemann

Working Life

  • Catch Up With … Shannon Strader BS’14 Biology

    Shannon Strader BS’14 is no stranger to pain. At age 8 she lost her twin sister, Lauryn, to complications arising from cerebral palsy. Strader herself suffered from an excruciating condition that was eventually diagnosed as posterior nutcracker syndrome, a rare ... Read More

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