In Vivo

On Henry Mall

  • Making Links

    Meat lab gives students a taste of the industry.

  • Youth Movement

    High-school students tackle real science in CALS labs.

  • Too Many A's?

    Prenatal vitamins may deliver more than baby needs.

  • The President's Cell Call

    WHEN ANNA SKOP PhD’00 got a letter from the White House in fall 2006, she first thought it was a prank. “It said they needed information for an FBI security check, and it asked for my Social Security number,” says ... Read More

Field Notes

Living Science

  • Go Figure

    By blending biology and computational logic, Julie Mitchell is helping make math the next microscope.

Working Life

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Know How

  • How to Study the Smell of Cheese

    SO YOU’RE WELL ALONG IN DEVELOPING THIS GREAT NEW CHEDDAR. You sample a piece from a trial run, and you notice this funny aroma. Kind of reminds you of gym socks. Can this Cheddar be saved? Here’s how researchers in ... Read More

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