In Vivo

  • It’s time to reinvest in UW

    By the time you get this magazine, early spring will be in the air. Time again to think about growing—about tending to and protecting the things we care about. This goes for institutions as well as living things. The University ... Read More

On Henry Mall

  • Inspiring Young Farmers, Then and Now

    Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Smith-Hughes Act—and remembering the CALS ag educator who soon after its passage wrote an inspiring creed for farmers

Field Notes

  • Adventures in Global Health

    When it comes to study abroad experiences, an elephant ride in Thailand is pretty hard to beat. “The entire time we were around the elephants, I was smiling uncontrollably,” says Gilad Segal, a microbiology major. “It was amazing to interact ... Read More

Living Science

  • Gut Reactions

    Garret Suen’s study of microorganisms involved in herbivore digestion holds promise for human health and our environment

Working Life

Know How