In Vivo

On Henry Mall

  • Blight Future

    Gene sequence may offer new hints for combating plant pathogen.

  • The New Pollinators

    Researchers, farmers hope native bees will fill hole left by disapearing European cousins.

Field Notes

Living Science

  • Root Lessons

    In the classroom, Bruce Allison delivers the tools of the trade—and a message about our connection with trees.

Working Life

  • Mike Allen

    BS'05, Agricultural Business Management

  • Mike Haas

    Haas is nationally recognized as a leader in biodiesel research. As a biochemist with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, he and his team develop new biodiesel production methods, develop and apply new assays to determine purity, create process models to estimate ... Read More

  • Scott Pigg

    BS'80, Agricultural Engineering; MS'89, Agricultural Engineeringand Land Resources

  • Carole Schmidt

    MS'80, Water Resources Management; MS'86, Soil Science

  • Mi-Sun Kim

    Kim began researching bio-hydrogen production 15 years ago through the new and renewable energy research division of the Korea Institute of Energy Research. Now principal scientist for its bioenergy research center, she specializes in bio-hydrogen production from high-moisture content organic ... Read More

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