In Vivo

On Henry Mall

  • The Big Stink

    Native to Sumatra, the towering Titan Arum plant rarely flowers indoors, but when it does, it draws a crowd.  That was the case this fall, when 2,000 people visited CALS’ D.C. Smith Greenhouse to witness the rare event.  In mature ... Read More

  • Staying Fit, Naturally

    Like a lot of graduate students, Sarah Jacquart took time this summer to focus on her research. But in her case, that meant spending five mornings each week with a group of excitable middle-schoolers, eating snap peas and exploring the ... Read More

  • What Lies Beneath

    Long neglected, plant roots are sprouting new interest among scientists.

  • Farm Safe

    On a pleasant evening in August, some 40 firefighters and emergency medical technicians converged at the Nehls Brothers Dairy in Juneau, Wisconsin. But it wasn’t an accident that created the commotion. For that, you can thank Cheryl Skjolaas. A farm ... Read More

  • Corn's Wow Factor

    Bill Tracy knew it was coming. But the burst of sweetness from the ear of corn he’d just bitten into was so swift that he could offer just one word of critique: “Wow!” That’s a common reaction to the new ... Read More

  • Garden Party

    Student-led project inspires a Milwaukee neighborhood.

Field Notes

Living Science

  • On Dairy, He's a Bull

    New dairy policy expert Mark Stephenson says Wisconsin still earns the title of America's Dairyland by making great milk - and listening to the consumer.

Working Life

  • Next Steps

    MAKE a difference in the future of rural Wisconsin by supporting the Wisconsin Rural Youth Scholarship Fund. As Bill Berry writes in this issue (see page 20), the state’s rural communities have a lot to offer. You can help UW-Madison ... Read More

  • Catching up with Sarah Mattison

    Sarah Mattison and husband Ryan Berndt own Hybrid Fitness and Fit Fresh Cuisine, two businesses that work in tandem to help clients get in shape. Located under the same roof in Fitchburg, Wis., Hybrid and Fit Fresh combine a workout gym with a restaurant offering locally grown, nutritionally balanced food.

Know How

  • How plants tell time

    Plants of the same species tend to flower, fruit and go to seed with remarkable synchronicity. How are they able to keep such rigid schedules?