In Vivo

On Henry Mall

  • O Bioneers

    A new course in bioenergy gets freshmen involved in real-life research challenges

  • Code Orange

    Alarmed by a drop in hunting, researchers investigate how to better market the sport to new audiences.

  • Berry Good Science

    "Biochemistry in the Kitchen" workshops give Girl Scouts the opportunity to study strawberry DNA.

Field Notes

  • When the Deep Freeze Thaws

    The melting of Arctic permafrost has vast implications for our global climate. CALS professor James Bockheim is studying cores of the frozen soil to gain a glimpse into their future.

Living Science

  • Missing Piece

    Jiming Jiang is unlocking the secrets of the centromere, an overlooked region of DNA that holds the key to chromosome engineering—and a new, possibly safer approach to gene therapy

Working Life

  • Catching up with Darrel Feucht

    It’s the Wisconsin Idea gone global. That’s one way to describe Colonel Darrel Feucht’s pending mission in Afghanistan. The Fall River resident, a loan services facilities manager in civilian life, is leading a newly formed 58-member National Guard team that includes agronomists, hydrologists, forest scientists and a veterinarian. The goal of their 11-month tour? To help restore Afghanistan’s farmland and provide a viable alternative to growing poppies for the drug trade

  • Baby on Board

    Moms on the Go is a CALS fund that covers some travel and childcare expenses for researchers on the field

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