In Vivo

  • Why We’re Growing

    The start of a new year prompts thoughts about the future. That’s certainly been true for me as I wrap up my first year as dean and, together with an array of stakeholders on campus and around the state, move ... Read More

On Henry Mall

  • Not Quite Bucky

    A study sheds light on the elusive animal behind the mascot

  • Biofuel for Teens

    A CALS-trained teacher brings bioenergy into high school classrooms

  • Class Act: Hardwood and Soft Skills

    When CALS sophomore Logan Wells tells you he spends his spare time sawing logs, he doesn’t mean he’s catching up on sleep. He’s actually out in the woods, running logs through his portable sawmill, making lumber for clients—and making money ... Read More

Field Notes

  • Sloths Thrive at Chocolate Source

    As forests in South America and Central America are cleared for agriculture and other human uses, sloths are running out of room to maneuver.

Living Science

  • Living Science: Hidden and Growing

    It’s not just the number of jobs but the kinds of jobs that will help alleviate rural poverty in Wisconsin, note CALS researchers Katherine Curtis and Leann Tigges

Working Life

Know How

  • How to Make Quark

    There’s a new cheese in Wisconsin, and it has a rather funny name