In Vivo

  • Not Your Father’s Classroom

    It’s the Year of Innovation at the University of Wisconsin–Madison—and a big part of innovation concerns how we teach our students. Our college already is home to highly innovative teaching that includes hands-on experience in labs and in the field, ... Read More

On Henry Mall

  • The Value of GMOs

    A long-term study sheds light—and numbers—on benefits to farmers

  • A Ringing Success

    “They called my cow’s name and the place lit up,” says dairy science major Jordan Ebert. “It was an adrenaline rush—the coolest experience I have ever had showing.” That moment happened at World Dairy Expo last fall, when Siemers Goldwyn ... Read More

  • Yummier Burgers

    Who appreciates burgers more than a college student—particularly if the student is interested in meat science? It made sense that Gilly’s Frozen Custard would turn to enthusiastic young people—led by CALS/UW-Extension meat expert Jeff Sindelar, CALS food science lecturer Monica ... Read More

Field Notes

  • Better Barns for Dairy

    Biological systems engineering professor and UW-Extension specialist Brian Holmes recently spent two weeks in Moldova under the auspices of CNFA, a nonprofit that focuses on rural economic growth in developing countries.

Living Science

  • Happy Cows Everywhere

    AMY STANTON joined CALS and UW-Extension in 2012 as a dairy science professor with particular expertise in animal well-being. Prior to joining CALS she was a post-doctoral fellow in the department of population medicine at the University of Guelph in ... Read More

Working Life

  • Barbara Wyatt

    Barbara Wyatt BS’89 Landscape Architecture • Historic preservation and landscape architecture have always been close to Barbara Wyatt’s heart. Growing up, she spent time designing garden spaces at her family’s 18th-century farm and researching the farm’s history. That personal interest ... Read More

  • Susan Weiler

    Susan Weiler BS’79 Landscape Architecture • Susan Weiler is a partner at Philadelphia-based OLIN, a landscape architecture and urban design firm with an international practice. “We create places that enhance life: human, animal, natural and city life—that’s what we try to do every day,” says Weiler, describing her ... Read More

  • Rodney Walter

    Rodney Walter MS’00 Landscape Architecture • While majoring in landscape architecture at UW–Madison, Rodney Walter made a point of taking as many field ecology classes as possible. The hands-on education he received gave him a great appreciation for the diversity ... Read More

  • Pat Richter

    Pat Richter BS’64 Landscape Architecture • Before he became UW–Madison’s athletic director; before he was commemorated with a bronze statue at Camp Randall; before he joined the Washington Redskins and was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, the ... Read More

  • Lance Neckar

    Lance Neckar MA’81 Landscape Architecture • Lance Neckar is the founding faculty director of the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability at Pitzer College, where he integrates the concept of sustainability into a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and reimagining ... Read More

  • Rich Henderson

    Rich Henderson MS’81 Landscape Architecture • As an ecologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Rich Henderson conducts research on habitat and natural area management, fire ecology, invasive terrestrial species, and species of greatest conservation need, especially those in ... Read More

  • Paul Gobster

    Paul Gobster MS’83 Landscape Architecture • As a research social scientist with the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station in Evanston, Illinois, Paul Gobster examines how people perceive, experience and value nature in urban settings, providing environmental managers with the ... Read More

  • Brian Fluno

    Brian Fluno BS’97 Landscape Architecture • Brian Fluno was drawn to landscape architecture because of the discipline’s blend of science, horticulture and art, he says. As a licensed landscape architect, Fluno has worked on the design, drafting and supervision of ... Read More

  • Erin Crain

    Erin Crain MS’99 Landscape Architecture • Whether she’s hiking, gardening or hunting for turkey, Erin Crain has a passion for the outdoors, so it makes sense that she found her professional calling with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. She ... Read More

  • Jay Blasi

    Jay Blasi BS’00 Landscape Architecture • Jay Blasi started doodling golf course designs on placemats when he was eight years old. He began researching the field in high school, and since enrolling in the landscape architecture program at CALS, he ... Read More

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