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Made for the Shade

New technology could help food crops thrive in crowded fields

25th for CIAS: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems continues blazing trails

Ag Science for Kids

Learn about soybeans with "Coolbean"

Looking for “Hotspots”

Researchers see promise in clusters of farmers who are willing to grow crops for biofuels

The Value of GMOs

A long-term study sheds light—and numbers—on benefits to farmers

Seeding an Organic Future

CALS students and faculty are in the forefront of efforts to develop plant varieties for a burgeoning market

South of the Colorful Clouds

China’s Yunnan province, home to some of the world’s most remote and distinctive ecological communities, is facing growing pressure to develop with the rest of the country. A UW–Chinese collaboration run through CALS sends researchers to explore how best to preserve biodiversity and foster sustainable livelihoods in the region.

Coping with the Climate

For Wisconsin farmers dealing with wild swings in weather, adaptation is the key.

Heart Healthier

If you read labels in the cereal aisle, you know that oats are among the heart-healthiest of foods. And they may soon be even more so. CALS oat breeder John Mochon has developed a variety with significantly higher levels of beta glucan, the soluble fiber that nutritionists liken to a sponge that traps cholesterol-rich acids […]

Terry Kurth

BS Agronomy

Stalking the Sustainable Market

Wisconsin growers may have the greenest potato on the planet. So why can't you get it at your supermarket? It's complicated.

For Forage Crops, Timing is Everything

For Forage Crops, Timing is Everything

Helping farmers in Eastern Europe increase yields.