Brian and Jill Huenink

Brian and Jill Huenink have built their engineering careers at John Deere, where Brian is a senior engineer charged with meeting new EPA emissions requirements for Deere’s 7R tractor. Jill’s resume includes work on drivetrain and chassis components of John Deere’s popular 7000 and 8000 series tractors. As a couple they recently received the 2012 Young Engineer Award from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers in recognition of their outstanding contributions to their profession. Currently Jill is taking a long-term leave from John Deere to raise their children, but she’s still working outside the home; she and Brian are partners in Brian’s family dairy and certified seed operation near Cedar Grove. “CALS laid the foundation for my career as an engineer by giving me the tools, contacts and experience necessary to step right in and make a difference,” Brian says. “I can’t say enough about the positive effect the faculty had on my lifelong commitment to agriculture.”