David Mies

David Mies-st1PhD’78 Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics

David Mies recently retired from a 35-year career with Syngenta. Throughout his time there, Mies’ knowledge as a plant breeder and geneticist was instrumental to projects that included global corn breeding efforts, control of European corn borers through transgenic processes, and the development of Syngenta’s corn breeding program in China. Mies fondly remembers opportunities to collaborate with Chinese scientists. Interviewing, hiring, training and empowering prospective members of the Syngenta Corn Breeding Program offered Mies not only the opportunity to learn “passable” Mandarin, he says, but also the chance to foster international professional relationships. Mies is still very much involved in international agriculture as a plant breeding consultant. Mies’ time at CALS instilled in him an ability to think outside the box as well as the value of continuing education, which he notes is mandatory to staying relevant within the field. In his free time Mies says he enjoys “creating things and fixing things that are broken.”