Eric Cooley BS'98 MS'05
Eric Cooley BS’98 MS’05

Eric Cooley serves as co-director of Discovery Farms®, a UW–Extension-based program with the mission of determining, through on-farm and other research, the economic and environmental effects of various agricultural practices on a range of Wisconsin farms representing the state’s diverse soil types, physical and water characteristics, and livestock and cropping systems. His own work focuses on natural resource issues in eastern Wisconsin, with an emphasis on surface water runoff and tile drainage. On a daily basis he coordinates and implements water quality research, collects and disseminates data and develops educational materials based on Discovery Farms’ research. “I enjoy utilizing science and research to address modern-day challenges and increase the efficiency of agricultural systems,” says Cooley, whose CALS degrees are in soil science. “The best part of my job is working with farmers, who are natural problem solvers.”