Graham Adsit

Graham Adsit moved from engineering into medicine, earning his M.D. at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He now focuses his attention on using the most recent medical tools and therapies available to treat his patients. As a Fellow in cardiovascular medicine at UW Hospital and Clinics and a graduate student in cell and regenerative biology, Adsit says he has found a career that allows him to positively influence people’s lives with unparalleled intimacy. “I am driven by the desire to heal and to help patients feel well, and am rewarded when there are successful medical interventions,” he says. But his impact on the world around him doesn’t stop at the hospital. Utilizing his background in agriculture—he is a partner in his family’s grain operation, Long Winter Farm—he founded World Farmer, a grassroots movement that allows farmers to donate grain commodities directly to food relief programs. In addition, Adsit is an officer in the Air National Guard, serving as a flight surgeon.