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Jeffrey Davis

BS’96 Agronomy
Senegal ’97–’99

“Growing more for less” was the goal of Jeffrey Davis and the farmers of Senegal whom he served as a Peace Corps volunteer. During his service Davis applied his CALS education in
agronomy to production practices and played a role in the development of improved varieties of maize, sorghum, rice and other crops. Davis had wanted to join thePeace Corps since high school and remains grateful for the preparation that CALS gave him, especially in strengthening his technical expertise. In particular, a course called “Cropping Systems of the Tropics” sparked his interest in learning how to produce food in varying climates, knowledge that proved invaluable while in the Peace Corps. Davis now works at the Louisiana State University AgCenter, where he works to develop and implement soybean varieties, especially those that are resistant to insect pests.