Kim Premo

“Chocolate peanut, red velvet, refreshing lemon fig. When it comes to ice cream flavors, Kim Premo has not only tasted a lot of them, he’s made them,” wrote the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a recent story about Premo, who serves as vice president of research and development at Denali Ingredients in New Berlin. There he oversees product development for such things as stabilizers affecting ice cream texture and shelf life as well as flavorings and “inclusions”—all the goodies that can be added to an ice cream base, such as nuts, chocolate chips and cookie dough.

Premo, who grew up on a dairy farm, admits his work is pretty fun. “In ice cream people always want new ideas and the industry always rotates new flavors into the line-up. It’s much more rewarding to work on something new than to keep retooling existing items,” he says. “The other great thing is that when you tell somebody you make flavorings for ice cream, their eyes light up. It makes you feel good that people enjoy what you are doing.”