Lisa Wilson-Wright PhD’01

As a director at the Massachusetts-based NMR Group, Inc., Lisa Wilson-Wright leads studies that evaluate energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. She has extensive experience in the use of quantitative and qualitative research techniques to help inform energy efficiency, clean energy and environmental policy. Clients of NMR include electric and gas utilities, energy regulators and nonprofits. “I find it extremely fulfilling to see firsthand how clients use the results of our studies to improve programs, thereby saving energy, reducing customers’ bills and limiting greenhouse gas emissions,” she says. Working at NMR, Wilson-Wright finds the skills developed in CALS useful on a daily basis in developing surveys, analyzing data, authoring reports, presenting findings—and, ultimately, in asking difficult questions and delving deeper into the data to find answers. Wilson-Wright also serves on the board of the Farm Direct Coop, a nonprofit member organization that distributes locally grown organic food.