Patricia Malone BS’87

Pat Malone BS'87

Pat Malone BS’87

As a community development educator in Trempealeau County, Pat Malone focuses primarily on building the organizational capacity of individuals, businesses, community organizations and local governments to address a range of issues, from water quality and strategic planning to industrial sand mining. She pursues that work by providing education about the issues, facilitation and applied research. Malone, whose degree is in agricultural economics, still loves her job after 27 years. “It’s never the same day, and I get to learn constantly and reinvent myself on a regular basis,” she says. “When I started, I was the ‘bag lady’ of the county, working on solid waste and recycling. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to focus on criminal justice issues, groundwater quality, long-term care reform, and, most recently, industrial sand mining. It’s a grand opportunity to be a lifelong learner.”