Brian Brown

Farm and Industry Short Course

Brian Brown and his wife Yogi own and operate Sunburst Dairy in Belle-ville. Sunburst is often cited as a model of successful growth. Sixteen years ago the couple gave up their old stanchion barn and expanded to a freestall barn and parlor, a move that allowed them to double their herd to 300 cows and hire employees. Six years ago they added a second barn and grew to 500 cows. “I’m involved in overall management of every aspect of the dairy, but most of my focus is on animal nutrition, genetic selection, herd health and reproduction, and crop production,” says Brown. Beyond the farm, Brown serves as chairman of the board of directors at Accelerated Genetics and as a dairy leader for the local 4-H club. For Brown, the Farm and Industry Short Course tradition encompasses three generations—both his father and his son Cory, who now works with him at Sunburst, are FISC alumni. Brown says the course provides a lifelong value. “The professors pushed us to challenge ourselves and go after new opportunities,” says Brown. “To this day, 30 years later, I am still using what I learned in short course. It is useful, practical knowledge. Short course is a program that will benefit future generations in agriculture.”