David Arndt

Farm and Industry Short Course
For David Arndt, Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) is a family affair. His father attended FISC in 1948 and strongly encouraged his son to go, too. “It was one of the best decisions of my life,” Arndt says. “It got me away from home and started me on a road to being much more independent and inquisitive. I had grown up in a rural community and most of my experiences were in a 100-mile radius of Janesville. It improved my leadership skills, my public speaking skills and my learning skills.” Today Arndt owns and runs Arndt Farms along with two brothers, two nephews and his youngest son. They raise 2,700 acres of crops including corn, seed corn, soybeans, sweet corn, peas, green beans, peppermint and alfalfa and feed 1,600 beef cattle per year. “Crop production is what makes me tick,” says Arndt. “I try to give each acre exactly what it needs when it needs it. One of my greatest joys is watching water fall on our irrigated crops. It gives me much pleasure to know that I can give them what Mother Nature sometimes cannot.”