John Vosters

Farm and Industry Short Course

John Vosters is co-owner of Milk Source LLC, which operates a number of dairies in Wisconsin as well as a calf farm and heifer-raising facility. Milk Source’s roots date back to 1965, when Voster’s parents started a small dairy farm near Kaukauna. In 1999 Vosters partnered with Jim Ostrom and Todd Willer, also veteran family farmers, to form Milk Source. They moved into large-scale farming as a way to escape the 24/7 duties of a traditional farmer and divide labor among a workforce that could be offered insurance and paid time off.
In his role as livestock director, fostering that workforce has been one of Vosters’ biggest pleasures. “The biggest driver for our success is the development and growth of our managers,” he says. “They’ve been with us from three to 20 years. Many of them started as a milker, feeder or in maternity and have grown with us. We need to invest both personal and professional time in our employees in all levels of management. An engaged employee is an extremely valuable asset.”