Justin Powell

BS’06 Dairy Science, Farm and Industry Short Course

Justin Powell, DVM is the herd veterinarian for River Valley Dairy in Tremont, Ill., and the owner of Twin River Veterinary Service, where he focuses on embryo transfer work and in vitro fertilization. He was moved to enter this specialized field because of a lifelong love of cows and, as an undergrad, dairy cattle genetics. Powell grew up and remains active on his family’s Holstein farm in central Illinois.
Powell attended short course prior to earning his four-year degree in dairy science. “It allowed me to make some important connections. I met people who really helped me when I came back for the four-year program,” he says. Between those enrollments he worked on a 300-cow dairy in Wisconsin. “It was a good experience to work on a farm that was different from the one I’d grown up on,” he says. In his free time Powell enjoys boating, fishing and showing cows.