Karen Kelley

Ice Cream Short Courses

Karen Kelley had long loved ice cream and she’d long loved dairy farming, her profession for more than two dozen years. But she first brought the two together in 2010, the year she launched Kelley Country Creamery right on her family’s 200-acre dairy farm in Fond du Lac. Her creativity shines in a list of more than 200 flavors ranging from traditional to adventurous (examples of the latter: Acai Blueberry, Chai Tea and Jalapeño). Thanks to short courses in the Babcock Hall dairy plant, Kelley did not have to make the business leap alone. Two ice cream courses—Ice Cream Makers Short Course and Batch Freezer Workshop—helped her learn the art of “cream-smithing,” as she calls it, and offered her a start in networking with other ice cream professionals. She went on to attend regional and national ice cream conferences and seminars and became a member of the National Ice Cream Retailers Association and the Great Lakes Ice Cream Association. After some four years of research and development she was ready to launch her business, which she now runs with the support of her husband and five children.