Snap Beans Arlington Nicholas Goeser
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Horticulture
1575 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706
cell: (608) 332-7430

Advisor: AJ Bussan Ð UW-Horticulture
Project Title: Evaluation of organic fertility management systems for a sustainable organic processing vegetable rotation.
Project Description/Personal Goals:

I am a beginning Ph.D candidate in the department of horticulture. The main goals of my research project are to evaluate and determine a sustainable organic fertility management system for an organic processing vegetable rotation. Sustainability is be defined as the minimal impact of an organic fertility system on environment (N leaching), profitability of implementing an organic fertility system, and feasibility across expanded acreages. Specifically, I am quantifying nitrogen mineralization and plant available nitrogen as affected by previous crop, cover crop and manure within the soil across an organically managed vegetable crop rotation. I am also quantifying and evaluate nitrogen cycling and fate ( nitrogen leaching and plant nitrogen uptake) by crop under five organically managed fertility management systems. Finally, I am evaluating crop productivity, in terms of marketable yield, and crop nitrogen use efficiency within an organic vegetable rotation under five fertility management schemes. The improved understanding of management systems utilizing green manures/cover crops or organic soil amendments such as manures may increase nutrient use efficiency in the processing vegetable rotation. This could allow for reduced reliance on commercial fertilizers and savings in input costs while maintaining crop productivity and quality.

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