• Posted on June 18, 2013
    In the Field: Alumni who are making a difference Landscape Architecture

    Jay Blasi BS’00 Landscape Architecture Jay Blasi started doodling golf course designs on placemats when he was eight years old. He began researching the field […]

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    Stewarding Our Soil

    Our planet and its 7 billion people face a number of challenges, many of them concerning providing enough food and water for a growing population. […]

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    Protecting our Pollinators

    Bees, so crucial to our food supply, are dying off at alarming rates. CALS researchers are taking a close look at everything from the microbes in their hives to the landscapes they live in to identify in what conditions bees thrive.

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    Seeding an Organic Future

    CALS students and faculty are in the forefront of efforts to develop plant varieties for a burgeoning market

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    Not Your Father’s Classroom

    It’s the Year of Innovation at the University of Wisconsin–Madison—and a big part of innovation concerns how we teach our students. Our college already is […]

  • Posted on June 5, 2013
    Better Fishing and Hunting

    CALS undergrads apply ingenuity to classic Wisconsin pursuits