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  • Aerial picture of grazing land and a winding stream surrounded by wooded hills.
    Posted on July 7, 2023

      In fall 2022, right after Midwestern farmers had gathered the last crops of the season, a team of CALS agronomy researchers hurried into the […]

  • A portrait of Judith Simcox smiling in her lab, sitting in front of a counter of equipment.
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      Judith Simcox can trace the course of her research career all the way back to high school. Her class was given an assignment to […]

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      RNA viruses, such as the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, jump into a life-and-death race the moment they infect a cell. These viruses have only […]

  • Dean Glenda Gillapsy standing in front of brick buildings on Henry Mall.
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      Summer is in full, fabulous bloom on the UW campus. The beauty of this place could tempt us to keep our focus here and […]

  • Illustration of various nuts on top of an ice cream cone, taking the place of ice cream.
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      Ice cream has long been a popular, almost sacred, part of global diets. Influenced by consumer appetites, ice cream comes in a host of […]

  • Sarah Almutawa standing in front of lab equipment.
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      As a middle school student in her native Saudi Arabia, Sarah Almutawa BS’23 found herself — somewhat unexpectedly — competing in the International Chemistry […]

  • Collage of various wildlife coexisting in proximity, including deer, turkeys, raccoons, birds, and a cat captured by trail cameras.
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      Human presence and influence on landscapes change the way other animals interact by bringing them close together more frequently than happens in wilder places. […]

  • Silhouette of a weather station at sunrise in a field.
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      Wisconsin weather has grown increasingly unpredictable and extreme since the 1950s. The rapid shift poses difficult challenges for farmers, researchers, and the public. But […]

  • Illustration of the number one and 150, sitting on storm clouds.
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    The term mesonet stems from “mesoscale network.” These networks contain automated environmental monitoring stations that gather data on meteorological events, such as thunderstorms and snow […]

  • Various canned food labels with certified non-GMO icons.
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      Use the term “genetically engineered food,” chances are you’ll spark a debate. Some praise its societal benefits — lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced […]

  • Professor Jomkhwan Meerak talking to two graduate students, an undergraduate student, and civet farm owner sitting at a table.
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      Thailand produces some of the most expensive coffee in the world, as much as $100 a cup or $600 per pound in some countries. […]

  • Jingyi Huang standing over soil samples in a classroom.
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      When farmers make decisions about managing their crops, it’s extremely valuable to know how much water their soils can hold. With this information, they […]