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  • Entomologist Shawn Steffan speaking in a YouTube video.
    Posted on October 18, 2022

      ‘SymBeeOsis’ In spring 2021, associate professor of entomology Shawn Steffan and members of his lab hosted film company Day’s Edge Productions. The crew shot […]

  • Russ Groves holding leaves with beetles crawling on them.
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      Wisconsin has a long history of vegetable production. It’s a leading producer of the nation’s processing vegetables, such as snap beans, sweet corn, carrots, […]

  • Zainab Hassen holding a bowl of spices.
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      When getting to know someone, we often ask the same questions: What do you do? Where do you live? Do you have any hobbies? […]

  • A tiled Organic Research Area sign in a field.
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      Wisconsin is among the nation’s top producers of organic agriculture. It ranks second in number of organic farms, according to a recent survey by […]

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    Let us know your thoughts about Grow through our short online survey, and you can be entered in a drawing for a free gift box […]

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    Ace our Final Exam and you could win a gift box of cheese from the Babcock Hall Dairy Store! Test your CALS knowledge at

  • Posted on August 2, 2022

      Betül Kaçar is a self-described gözü kara. The Turkish term refers to people from the Black Sea region of the country, but it has […]

  • Cellular and molecular biology graduate student Christiana Binkley and Hector Salazar, a lab manager at the UW Alzheimer's Research Center, greet a member of the Science and Medicine Graduate Research Scholars during one of the program's receptions.
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      “What are you looking for in a graduate school?” That was the question posed to a panel of visiting undergraduates one April afternoon in […]

  • Donale Richards, Leslie Holland, and Manika Clemente participating in a panel.
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      SciMed GRS is part of a growing network of organizations developed to support underrepresented students on the UW campus. “Many SciMed GRS students are […]

  • Sadegh Ranjbar flying a drone over a field.
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      In 2019, Wisconsin dairy leaders approached state legislators with a long-standing problem and a request for help. The state’s dairy farm numbers were in […]

  • Dean Kate VandenBosch in front of a field.
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      As I mentioned in the fall 2021 issue, I am stepping down as dean of CALS this summer. This will be my last column […]

  • Illustration of two scientists in two rows of vertical farm plants.
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      The promise of vertical farming — grow crops anytime, anywhere — is fantastic. Promoters speak of a world where wheat cultivated in a repurposed […]