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  • Natalia Betancourt Rodriguez leaning against a pillar.
    Posted on August 2, 2022

      For much of her life, Natalia Betancourt Rodriguez BSx’24 never imagined leaving Colombia. She felt that the change she could bring to the beautiful, […]

  • A laptop screen showing an aerial drone view of the lands surrounding Yuichi Sato's farm in the town of Shimizu, west of Obihiro, Japan, from an interview and virtual tour recorded in summer 2021.
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      In a span of 20 minutes, a dozen UW students visited a Japanese pastry shop and a high-tech sushi restaurant, and then they got […]

  • Students from Nuestro Mundo Community School work with Claudia Calderón, a member of the teaching faculty in the horticulture department, and recent UW graduate Jackie Olson, to place plants in the school’s garden.
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      Plants and humans have always been connected. They evolved together. Yet many people fail to realize how fundamental plants are to their daily lives […]

  • Warbler bird on a tree branch.
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      As humans continue to drastically alter landscapes across the country, birds suffer the consequences. By at least one estimate, the population of North American […]

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      A Molecular Understanding of Antibiotics Antibiotics are good at killing pathogens, but they also eliminate beneficial gut bacteria. This makes patients more prone to […]

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      In “Bee-Spying Mission Seeks Operatives” (Grow, Fall 2021), Jocelyn Cao BS’21 introduced readers to WiBee: The Wisconsin Wild Bee App. It’s part of a […]

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      When Krishna Ella PhD’93 arrived at CALS in 1987 to begin a doctoral program in plant pathology, his goal was to probe the mysteries […]

  • A prairie strip between corn fields.
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      Landscape ecologist Lisa Schulte Moore PhD’02 is planting new ideas in Midwestern fields. Thanks to her team’s research, innovative farmers are putting in bands […]

  • 3D view of microtubules and mitochondria.
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      Less than a decade ago, UW researchers began to gather and assemble the components of a powerful, advanced imaging technology called cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) […]

  • Posted on April 29, 2022

      They are unconventional laboratories, classrooms, and proving grounds — places to connect with the land and with nature. UW’s Agricultural Research Stations are the […]

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      It was a quiet evening in 2012, and Robert Kirchdoerfer BS’06 was missing yet another dramatic sunset over the Pacific Ocean. But it didn’t […]