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  • Professor Jed Colquhoun speaking to field day attendees in a field.
    Posted on October 18, 2022

      Over the past two years, research has been gearing up at the Wisconsin Cranberry Research Station. And more is yet to come. Here are […]

  • Ecologist Jed Meunier takes a break while traversing the steep hills, holding a helmet and other machinery over his shoulder.
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      On a blustery spring day, Jed Meunier MS’05 and his team are climbing Wisconsin’s Castle Rock bluff, searching for treasure. From the outside, the […]

  • An orange bacteriophage virus particle.
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      During a 2015 trip to Egypt, Tom Patterson suffered a gallstone attack and soon fell terribly ill. But that’s not what nearly killed him. […]

  • Dean Glenda Gillapsy standing in front of brick buildings on Henry Mall.
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      Greetings, readers of Grow — my fellow lovers of the agricultural and life sciences! Welcome to the fall 2022 issue. It’s my honor and […]

  • Broken pill capsule with fruit spilling out and flying everywhere.
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      It’s hard to walk through the grocery store without encountering at least one product that touts the health benefits of antioxidants. Marketed as the […]

  • Elias Kemna standing in a laboratory.
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      Elias Kemna BSx’23 is on track in his college career, and in more ways than one. First, he’s a member of the Wisconsin Track […]

  • Cows laying and grazing in a field.
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      Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a critical step in mitigating climate change. One way to do this is to expand renewable fuels, which can […]

  • A bowl of white yogurt.
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      Greek yogurt is a relatively recent food fad in the U.S. But its unique taste and thick texture appeal to many, and it accounted […]

  • Stanley Temple sitting in the forest mountains, looking through binoculars.
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      You could say Stanley Temple’s life has been for the birds. His interest in all things avian was nurtured at a young age by […]

  • A colorful bowl of various food items, including peapods and onions.
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      Every choice we make as consumers has a climate impact. It’s often measured in terms of a “carbon footprint” — that is, the amount […]

  • Marie and Matt Raboin surrounded by trees.
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      In Craft Cider’s Comeback (Grow, Fall 2018), Nicole Miller MS’06 introduced Brix Cider owners Marie MS’10 and Matt MS’10 Raboin at an apple grafting […]

  • Entomologist Shawn Steffan speaking in a YouTube video.
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      ‘SymBeeOsis’ In spring 2021, associate professor of entomology Shawn Steffan and members of his lab hosted film company Day’s Edge Productions. The crew shot […]