Summer 2021

On Henry Mall

Photo by Sevie Kenyon


Since 1886, CALS has trained tens of thousands of agricultural professionals in the latest science-based management and production techniques through the Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC). To continue this legacy, CALS is looking to ensure that financial limitations won’t prevent the next generation of state residents from pursuing careers in agriculture.

Through a new financial assistance program called the Farm and Industry Short Course Tuition Promise, the university will guarantee that all FISC students from Wisconsin with a family income below $60,000 — the median income in the state — will have their tuition funded by gifts and grants.

“In light of the recent financial hardships facing many of those in Wisconsin agriculture, we are pleased to make this commitment to training future generations of agricultural leaders,” says Dean Kate VandenBosch.

The tuition promise strengthens the college’s commitment to ensuring that a UW education is affordable. FISC has offered scholarships for decades — thanks to the success and generosity of program graduates — and it will continue to provide them for students who do not qualify for the FISC Tuition Promise.

FISC is the primary farmer-training program offered by CALS. Participants take courses on campus between fall harvest and spring planting. The curriculum covers crops, dairy, meat animals, agricultural engineering, farm business planning, agribusiness, human relations, and communications. Coursework involves lectures, hands-on labs, and tours.

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