• Posted on March 7, 2018
    Five things everyone should know about … Switchel

    1. Switchel is an apple cider vinegar-based beverage. It also contains water and other ingredients such as ginger or honey. Maple syrup, molasses, and fruit […]

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    Fermentation Education

    A new certificate program offers hands-on production experience and
    classroom instruction in the fermentation sciences to give students a
    competitive edge in one of Wisconsin’s burgeoning markets

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    Corn Conundrum

    Highly productive corn varieties have more trouble adapting to changing environmental conditions, so more balanced breeding may be needed

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    Class Act: Kai Rasmussen and ‘Let’s Grow Plants in Space’

    Kai Rasmussen BSx’18 spends much of his time studying how plants react to being in outer space. For many of his friends, this calls to […]

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    Mongoose Tracker

    Imagine if squirrels were fearless and rabid and preyed upon your pets rather than the acorns in your yard. In Puerto Rico, this is quite […]

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    In the Field: Alumni Making Their Mark in Veterinary Medicine

    Daryl Buss MS’74, PhD’75 Daryl Buss grew up on a small Minnesota farm where he enjoyed daily work with a variety of animals. On the […]

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    A Precise Hope

    With gene editing — and pigs — CALS scientists are developing a model for “precision medicine,” the possibility of highly individualized treatments for patients living with the rare disease called NF1

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    Gut Dwellers

    CALS scientists delve into the microbial communities in our digestive tracts — and their implications for our health

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    The Method Maker

    Gerry Weiss, a Grant County farmer, scientist, and permaculturist, recounts a lifetime of innovation and collaboration with CALS and UW Cooperative Extension

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    ‘Dairy Challenge’ Offers More than Competition

    There’s no better place than America’s Dairyland for a dairy farm management competition that helps undergraduates learn firsthand about the industry. The Badger Dairy Challenge, […]

  • Posted on March 1, 2018
    Winter Awakens Spring Flowering

    To avoid the dangers of frost, many plants have evolved a knack for waiting for winter to pass before flowering. But the season’s cold weather is key to making it happen. Rick Amasino investigates this process — and the genes behind it — to reveal invaluable insights for farmers and plant breeders.
    Interview by Kaine Korzekwa MS’16