• Posted on February 15, 2011
    Berry Good Science

    “Biochemistry in the Kitchen” workshops give Girl Scouts the opportunity to study strawberry DNA.

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    Taking Out the Guesswork

    Researchers have created a safer culture for embryonic stem cells

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    How DNA profiling works

    DNA profiling can be used to transform a stray hair into a prison sentence.

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    Missing Piece

    Jiming Jiang is unlocking the secrets of the centromere, an overlooked region of DNA that holds the key to chromosome engineering—and a new, possibly safer approach to gene therapy

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    Challenging Their Brains

    Teri Balser’s teaching style awakens curiosity and encourages big picture thinking.

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    An Opportunity to Serve

    From CALS Interim Dean William F. Tracy

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    Next Steps

    CELEBRATE “Peace Corps and Africa: Fifty Years,” to be held on the UW-Madison campus March 24-26. The event brings together former volunteers, musicians, artists, storytellers, […]

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    Baby on Board

    Moms on the Go is a CALS fund that covers some travel and childcare expenses for researchers on the field