• Posted on March 29, 2012
    Pay It Forward

    Growing up on a family dairy farm didn’t allow much time for slacking off, recalls Jennifer Holle. “Since I’ve been able to carry a small […]

  • Posted on March 2, 2012
    Final Exam – Spring 2012

    How much beef must be included in a dog food labeled “beef cuts”?

  • Posted on February 26, 2012
    The Grow Dozen: Alumni who are making a difference in Life Sciences Communication

    Travis Balinas BS’09 MS’10 Life Sciences Communication Balinas works as an inbound marketing manager for Zenoss, a start-up company that makes commercial open source software […]

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    Funding Our Future

    As I complete my time as interim dean, my thoughts turn toward the future. While I look forward to returning full-time to my duties as […]

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    Kids at Work

    Can grazing goats help restore Wisconsin’s landscapes?

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    How to dye eggs naturally

    Learn how you can do egg dying with natural rather than synthetic dyes.

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    Vanishing Waters?

    Numerous lakes and streams are drying up in the Central Sands, but there’s little agreement on what’s causing it. An initiative led by CALS brings together scientists, farmers, residents, environmental advocates and other stakeholders to shed light on the problem and pave the way toward solutions.

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    Tech Transfer Showcase

    The discovery-to-marketplace trail blazed by Harry Steenbock remains strong today. Here are some CALS-based businesses you should know about.

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    Keep on Farming

    A CALS partnership helps growers do their work even after serious injury

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    From Field to Food Bank

    Jed Colquhoun found eager partners when figuring out how to get food waste from farms to people in need. Now they’ve created a system that serves as a national model.

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