• Posted on June 20, 2011
    Catch up with . . . Percy Mather BS’68 Biochemistry

    “WHEN I RETIRE, I SHALL PLANT FRUIT TREES.” That’s not exactly how Percy Mather, a longtime civil and environmental engineer with the Wisconsin Department of […]

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    Sweet Secrets

    Candy to swoon for doesn’t just happen. There’s a science behind it that even seasoned pros need to stay on top of. That’s why, for […]

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    No Substitute for Experience

    Outstanding teachers in our college will tell you that there are many ways to reach the eager minds in our classrooms. An illuminating lecture, a […]

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    Global Storytelling

    Patty Loew talks about the future of community-based journalism and her recent experiences in rural Africa

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    Five things everyone should know about . . . Acai Berries

    1. They cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound. Nor will they flatten your tummy, cleanse your colon, boost your immune system or increase […]

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    Bridging Borders

    Partnerships with our nearest neighbors give CALS students firsthand experience with diversity of both crops and cultures

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    Science Ambassadors

    An exchange program helps create a “seamless scientific community” between the United States and India