• Posted on June 22, 2011
    Final Exam – Summer 2011

    Do you know which “secret” ingredient softens the cream center in a chocolate-covered cherry candy into a gooey sugary syrup?

  • Posted on June 21, 2011
    How to grow a living soil

    Learn how to improve soil as a medium for plant growth and provides the habitat for biological activity.

  • Posted on June 20, 2011
    Desert Spuds

    The quest to improve potato growth in the arid, salty Middle East led to cost-saving innovations and some extraordinary travel experiences

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    Rebuilding from the Ruins

    A small project led by CALS could have a big impact on dairy in Kosovo

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    Rising to the Top

    Many of our state’s signature foods and industries are defined by a fragrant microbial process: fermentation. Why shouldn’t UW–Madison become a world leader in fermentation science? It’s a question that David Ryder, VP of brewing and research at MillerCoors, dares to ask—and a dream he’ll help CALS pursue.

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    CALS Around the World

    “The boundaries of the university are the boundaries of the state,” proclaims the Wisconsin Idea. But that concept has expanded. The boundaries of the university […]

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    It Takes a Village

    Waves of undergrads in Uganda with CALS have taken the African proverb as a call to action. Their engagement has included founding a nonprofit and choosing careers in which they serve communities at home and abroad.

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    The Grow Dozen: Alumni who are working globally to improve our world

    John Bowman MS’80 Plant Pathology Bowman has nearly 30 years’ experience designing, implementing and managing agricultural development projects in more than 30 countries. Much of […]

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    “Discovering the World and Myself”

    A CALS Peace Corps veteran draws on his experience in Niger to help Kickapoo Valley landowners plan a sustainable future

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    Safer Snacking?

    A CALS plant geneticist has found a way to reduce a possible carcinogen in our favorite snack foods–but his solution is on hold for now

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    Marching to the Music

    “Antennal drumming” guides caste development in social wasps

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    Jeffrey Vinokur and Science Onstage

    He loves science, loves to dance. And, as the Dancing Mad Scientist, biochemistry senior Jeffrey Vinokur gets to do both at once. Vinokur’s hip-hop laboratory […]