• Posted on June 19, 2014
    Five things everyone should know about … Gluten

    1. What is it? Gluten is a substance composed of two proteins—gliadin and glutenin—that are found in the endosperm (inner part of a grain) of […]

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    Partners in Food Safety

    CALS undergrads are part of efforts to expand food safety training at campus eateries

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    Final Exam – Summer 2014

    Take the summer final exam!

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    In the Field: Alumni from Agricultural and Applied Economics

    Chris Barret PhD’94 Agricultural and Applied Economics In January Chris Barrett began a new position as the David J. Nolan Director of Cornell University’s Charles […]

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    Back to the Land

    Environmental and cultural concerns spark an interest in natural burials—and CALS soil scientists are lending their expertise

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    Made for the Shade

    New technology could help food crops thrive in crowded fields

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    India: Dairy knowledge, from Marshfield to India

    Dairy knowledge, from Marshfield to India

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    Of Cows and Climate

    CALS researchers are leading a far-reaching effort to gather information about greenhouse gases related to dairy—and to give farmers and other industry professionals the tools they need to reduce them.

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    Upping the Orange

    Nutritionist Sherry Tanumihardjo works around the world to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin A.

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    Gardening for the People

    Master Gardener Volunteers bring expertise and the joy of growing to diverse people and projects around the state.

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    A Helping Hand for Students

    A memory many of us cherish is the sense we had as young people that the world was wide open for our exploration. The CALS […]

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    The Mysteries of RNA

    For decades DNA has stood in the spotlight of biological research. But scientists at CALS and across campus have also long been intrigued
    by its chemical cousin, RNA—and are working to shed light on a surprisingly versatile molecule that holds great promise for human health.