• Posted on October 6, 2011
    Peru: A simple sprinkle improves yields in potato’s homeland

    Jiwan Palta uses gypsum to help Peruvian farmers improve their potato crop

  • Posted on June 20, 2011
    Rising to the Top

    Many of our state’s signature foods and industries are defined by a fragrant microbial process: fermentation. Why shouldn’t UW–Madison become a world leader in fermentation science? It’s a question that David Ryder, VP of brewing and research at MillerCoors, dares to ask—and a dream he’ll help CALS pursue.

  • Posted on
    Safer Snacking?

    A CALS plant geneticist has found a way to reduce a possible carcinogen in our favorite snack foods–but his solution is on hold for now

  • Posted on July 7, 2009
    My Own Miracle Drug

    Personal experiences remind us of the critical need for new antibiotic research.

  • Posted on October 20, 2008
    Knock on Wood

    Altered trees might overcome a major barrier to renewable fuels.

  • Posted on November 16, 2007
    Microbial Mixer

    CALS’ new microbiology research building is an experiment in collaboration.