• Posted on March 7, 2018
    Gut Dwellers

    CALS scientists delve into the microbial communities in our digestive tracts — and their implications for our health

  • Posted on July 1, 2016
    The Road from Farm to Market

    CALS researchers are working to more efficiently and sustainably get products from growers to consumers

  • Posted on June 28, 2016
    Breeding for Flavor

    CALS scientists are breeding new varieties of produce that not only are delicious, but also will thrive in organic growing systems. And in a new collaboration called “Seed to Kitchen,” they’re partnering with chefs and farmers to help determine what works best.

  • Posted on June 12, 2015
    In the Field: Meet some Master Cheesemakers

    Sid Cook (first certified in 2002) Having won 569 national and international awards within the past 14 years, Sid Cook’s Carr Valley Cheese probably ranks […]

  • Posted on June 18, 2013
    Yummier Burgers

    Who appreciates burgers more than a college student—particularly if the student is interested in meat science? It made sense that Gilly’s Frozen Custard would turn […]

  • Posted on February 15, 2013
    In the Field: Alumni who are making a difference in Food Science

    Rhona S. Applebaum PhD’81 Food Science • Rhona Applebaum is vice president and chief scientific and regulatory officer at The Coca-Cola Company, where she leads […]

  • Posted on November 22, 2010
    The Grow Dozen: Alumni who are making a difference in the meat industry

    12 Alumni who are making a difference in the meat industry.

  • Posted on March 23, 2010
    Fixing Our Food: Get Creative About Food Safety

    We’ll never be 100 percent at spotting threats to our food. But what if the pathogens gave themselves up?

  • Posted on
    Fixing Our Food: Keep Finding What Makes Food Healthy

    Exploring the science of how foods interact with our bodies will lead to healthier foods and lifestyles.

  • Posted on
    Fixing Our Food: Give Processed Foods a Break

    Don’t believe the reputation: Processing extends the life, safety and quality of foods, and processed foods deserve a place on our shelves.

  • Posted on
    Fixing Our Food: Reduce Food Waste

    We could be doing better in the battle against hunger if we made fuller use of the food we grow.

  • Posted on
    Fixing Our Food: Go Vertical

    High-rise greenhouses and other indoor farming systems can get more food into cities that need it the most.