• Posted on March 23, 2010
    Fixing Our Food: Teach More People to Farm

    Our food production depends on a shrinking number of farmers. Who will succeed them?

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    Fixing Our Food: Preserve Our Farmland

    442 million acres of American soil grew crops in 2002, the lowest amount of land in farming since World War II.

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    Fixing Our Food: Diversify Crops Regionally

    Concentrating agricultural production is becoming expensive and risky. We need a broader array of foods grown closer to home.

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    Fixing Our Food: Reform Crop Subsidies

    Federal agricultural programs are beginning to reward farmers for more than just yield, but there’s still more room to incentivize best practices.

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    Fixing Our Food: Start a New Green Revolution

    We don’t just need to grow more food. We need to grow it better.

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    Fixing Our Food

    Safe food. Healthy food. Enough food. Can we secure the bounty we take for granted for future generations? A team of CALS experts say that we can meet the world’s food challenges––and here are their best ideas for how to do it.

  • Posted on January 29, 2008
    Science Through a Blind Eye

    A single piano key sounds into the darkened lab, mostly empty on this late autumn evening. Tim Cordes adjusts the volume on his laptop computer […]

  • Posted on October 17, 2007
    Long Journey into Orange

    More than a decade ago, CALS plant breeders set out to build a better pickle. The result is sweet, crunchy––and the color of cantaloupe. Here’s why orange may be the shade of pickles to come.