Feel the peace: A five-acre garden at the Rosecrance Griffin
Williamson Campus in Rockford, Ill., helps teens recover from substance abuse.

Photo courtesy of Rosecrance Health Network

Green Therapy

Redesigning landscapes to heal body and soul – drawing on CALS expertise

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UW–Madison members of The Wildlife Society worked with the DNR to help build and move large pens as part of an elk restoration effort in northern Wisconsin.

Photo courtesy of Laine Stowell/WI DNR

A Place to Belong

Student organizations at CALS offer personal growth, professional development and a fine way to create community.

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On the case: Students compared the oral microbiomes of athletes to figure out why athletes get more cavities. 

(photo credit: Sevie Kenyon)

The Inner World of Athletes

Students in a CALS capstone course used cutting-edge technology to explore a microbial medical mystery

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In Pagliarini’s lab: Postdoctoral associate Natalie Niemi prepares yeast samples for metabolic analysis.

Photo by David Nevala

The Mysteries of Mitochondria

There’s a lot we don’t know about the tiny engines that reside in nearly every living cell. But CALS biochemist David Pagliarini is shedding light on more of their functions and behavior— with important implications for human health.

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Caitlin Carlson, an associate research specialist in
Cameron Currie’s lab, on the search for new antibiotics.

Photo by Sevie Kenyon

Antibiotics Off the Beaten Path

CALS’ Cameron Currie and his team are looking at microbes associated with insects, plants and marine life as potential sources for new drugs

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